USD 50 light: lightweight road fork

The new USD 50 Light, adjustable in extension, compression and spring preload on both tubes, has been created to provide high performance motorcycles with a premium product offering both competition-level performance and optimum driving pleasure and comfort. The use of carbon fiber in the outer tube (-13% weight saving versus outer tube standard) and a specially-treated aluminum outer tube offers a weight reduction of 30% compared to steel, resulting in a fork that weighs only 6.9 kg. The USD 50 Light also features a patented hydraulic sealed cartridge which until today has been used only for racing bikes. This makes the damping system extremely sensitive, offering the rider significant comfort and driving precision. The USD 50 Light is provided with low friction sealing rings to improve fluency.


  • Compression, extension and spring preload register;
  • Aluminum stanchion tubes offering a 30% weight saving versus steel;
  • Outer tube with structural carbon fiber parts(-13% weight saving versus outer tube standard);
  • Low friction sealed rings;
  • Marzocchi patented sealed cartridge