New production plant

VRM S.p.a. acquired Marzocchi motorbike business unit at December 2015. Thanks to a big effort and investment, Marzocchi today has a brand new dedicated production plant:

  • 4 front suspension assembly line
  • cartridges cleanroom assembly line (controlled level of contamination)
  • mechanic and semiactive shock absorber assembly line
  • ultrasonic cleaning machine for all parts
  • Oil mixer tank storage to preserve the characteristics and qualities
  • controlled camera system for shims and internal cartridges parts
  • aesthetic and functioning quality inspection on 100% of products
  • automated warehouse system
  • Poka-Yoke (Mistake proofing) approach and lean manufacturing.

VRM S.p.a. is a company leader in motorcycles frame sector. Currently VRM has a 20,000 square meters production plant with 15,000 square meters of floor space in our Zola Predosa plant (Bologna) and Ubersetto plant (Modena). Both facilities are close to the A1 motorway and in the immediate proximity of the main transport routes on the Modena-Bologna axis. The company’s activities can be broadly grouped into:

  • Design, construction and creation of prototypes;
  • Design and construction of production equipment;
  • Precision machining of aluminium, magnesium and steel components;
  • Supply of preassembled groups and loose components;
  • Leak tightness testing.

Marzocchi Moto Suspension is ready for a new challenge with the same passion for 2-wheels suspension systems.